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MIRC scripts
mIRC scripts

MIRC Script
Internet relay chat irc / mirc help - irc tips, help, internet, mircchat, chat, mirccolors, colors, dcc, ip, other tips, tricks, raf, arm, cyprus, island, armenia, armenian, nicosia, limassol, & more!

Free-scripts - free mirc and cgi scripts, webhosting, html guide, email checker, chat, and many other things.

50 script
On this site you can download 50 mirc script . you can also find a list of old irc scripts .

Official website of the mirc script panzer.

Mircstats is chat room statistics software for windows that generates stats in html format and uploads them to your web site.

Scoop Script
Scoop Script


Thuishaven van borgirc voor mirc sinds 1998

Scripts for ViRC
Scripts for ViRC

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